You Know What You Want.

“go get it girl!”

Half the battle of getting that internship or job that you NEED is figuring out what you want. In your heart, deep in your gut, down in your soul, you know what you want. All you need to do is stay still long enough to LISTEN to what your inner hero is telling you.

What is the one thing that intrigues you enough to talk nonstop about it for hours and hours? If it is powerful enough to stop you in your tracks then it is powerful enough to attract your attention as life work. HERE is your starting point. Fashion? Music? HGTV? Dogs? Each big idea can be dissected further until you find something worthwhile chasing for work.

Then… to the races! Once you know what you’re going after….it’s just a matter of time and networking like a girl to get it done. Shameless networking, asking for what you want without fear and with deliberation, will deliver your results. Stay tuned for The Shameless Networking Guide for College Girls. Launching 3/1 on TEXT GIRLPOWER TO 72000 FOR MORE DETAILS! Go get ’em girl. You know what you want. Now get her done. XOXO

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