Success is Training. Failure is Complaining.

Are you still not sure what you will be doing for the summer? Don’t stress. It’s never too late to make it happen. Depending on what you are looking for, there is always a strategy that will land you a cool internship with fantastic experience.

You will need to stay open to all of the possibilities, and #networklikeabadass. Get creative, stay focused, execute your gameplan. One day at a time. You can grab this by May 1.

No one said it would be easy my love. Anything worthwhile requires blood sweat and tears. Glenn Close just didn’t wake up 45 years ago and become a star. She hustled and kicked ass until she landed roles that shaped her future. Today she is my hero..not only because she was aware best actress at the golden globes..but because her battle cry for us girls is so right on point that she was given a standing ovation. ” We need to have our own accomplishments…..” and be our own people.

be your own hero.

But I want you to be your own heroes. To get there requires that you put in the hard work and log the hours. Yep, you may have to work at something you hate. For a minute. Stay the course….it will all benefit you in the long run. Start with your heart. Work from there. launched a phenomenal program called “80 Day Obsession” created by superstar trainer Autumn Calabrese. Her mantra? “Success is training, Failure is Complaining”. Your job #1 is to be in training mode for the launch. Work hard, get as much experience as you can, and get ready to crush the real world once you graduate.

I believe in you. Text girlpower to 72000 if you need your battery charged. xo SuperGirll

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