Super Girlls was born out of commitment to you. The mission is to inspire you to be your own hero, believe in yourself , listen to your own voice, go forth and slay dragons. Know your power. Rule the world. Know yourself, accept yourself, BE yourself.

Super Girlls is a platform designed to propel you into life after college, with all the tools, mentors and power that you will ever need to live that charmed life that you dreamed about.


SuperGirlls lives and dies by THE SECRET SISTER CODE…
GET GOOD: know and love thyself. GET GIRLLS: rock the sisterhood. GET GOING: slay dragons.

Start here. Basic building blocks. Take what you like, leave the rest. Put your hero to the test. Sent with love from me to you, lessons I learned along the way, tied up in a bow, and gifted. XOXO Jeanne

ROCK the Sisterhood.

Welcome to SuperGirlls. A world class network of sisters. Mentors that will kick your ass to greatness. To infinity and beyond! WHAM!

Girl Power Advocate. Professor. Digital Commerce Diva.

5 Star Stylist & Entrepreneur. National Recruiter.

Senior Copywriter. Fashionista. Rebel.