“I don’t believe in starving artists”…..said michele….

My good friend Michele Baldwin is a legend in her own lifetime. In my eyes she is a true hero because she is living her authentic life as an artist and has made her dream a reality. Recently I had the honor and pleasure to have her as a guest on my show “The Hero Whispers”…..


We talked all about how she got there. She has created her own film production company and is busy making dreams happen. But it wasn’t easy and she worked her hiney off to get there. Michele worked corporate jobs to make her dream a reality. She told me how she did not believe in starving artists. Completely inspired me to share. LOVE how empowering this belief is. Don’t think of “work” as doing something you hate….think of it as something you need to sustain something that you love.

Go forth and dream. Figure out a way to make that dream a reality. Michele tells us — “Always be true to yourself. Always give your very best in the moment.” ┬áBecause truthfully, all we really have is this moment.


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