Fly Your FREAK Flag!

Every time I watch these award shows I am so inspired by all the talent and the stars shining so bright and I think for a second… what did I do wrong ?

And then I realize that I am exactly where I am supposed to be!

God’s plan for me was not to be a superstar on the stage or screen or I would be there.

I am still trying to understaNd what God’s plan is for me. But ours is not to understand. Ours is to have faith that our path is created uniquely for us.

I do know that paying it forward and trying to lift others to greatness with my energy and spirit and soul and heart is aligned with my destiny.

I do know that when I am embarking on acts of kindness and helping others is when I feel the most alive and inspired. I cannot ignore how powerful these moments are.

Yes I DO love to be on stage and I DO really love to be the center of attention. LOL. But I enjoy entertaining people and bringing on a smile the most.

Last night after the powerful sensational grammys and as ‘Shallow’ vibrated in my soul…I was inspired to watch Lady Gaga’s documentary. Her message is clear: do not be afraid to


I mean that is the answer to life. And happiness. Figure out what your freak flag is and then don’t be afraid to fly it. High and wide. Be proud of it. Be proud of who you are whatever that means. Because there is only one of you and you are a gift.

What does it take to get there…to fly your freak flag?  Grit. Sweat. Tears. Self reflection. Self time. Self care. Dig deep. Find her inside. Embrace her. Listen to her. She needs you. And if SHE needs help, text “girlpower” to 72000 and set up a girl sesh with us. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SISTERHOOD.

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